Department Planning and Plan Implementation 5th Edition

Department Planning and Plan Implementation 5th Edition


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Introduction to a systems approach for district or department level leadership teams.  This introductory training guide defines seven high-impact system components. Build awareness of strategies for aligning improvement goals from the district to the classroom and engaging staff to assist with accomplishing the goals.

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Training Description

Planning for Performance Excellence: A Systems Approach to Department Planning and Plan Implementation


To provide the knowledge and approach to develop and implement aligned continuous improvement plans for departments that use the Performance Excellence Criteria as the basis for a systems approach to continual improvement.

Expected Outcomes:

  • Increased understanding of how to apply the performance excellence systems approach to continual improvement
  • Increased understanding of the role the department improvement plan plays in supporting the district strategic plan and meeting department customer requirements
  • Assessment and improvement of the department as a system
  • Draft department goals, measures, and an action plan for the department and individuals
  • Application of the Department Improvement Implementation Components to systematically implement the department plan

Target Audience:

Department Leadership Teams

Participant Prerequisites:

Successful completion of appropriate awareness-level training such as Orientation to Performance Excellence 3rd Edition and Continuous Classroom Improvement.

Recommended Time:

1 day

Required Materials for Participants:

Additional Materials That Should Be Considered to Support Participant Learning:

Department improvement planning requirements from the state/district and/or accrediting body.


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